We were guest less this morning and back at Everest Institute. Dr. don was our TM. John I. started us off with “Why are we such work-a-holics?”. Someone tried to rename it to “alcoholics”. Next was Lee talking about “Time for a change” and caught a few by surprise. Third was Simon talking about “Love and Life”. Lee’s story was catchy enough to win him the Best Speaker today. Megan was our TT Master. John B.’s reply to his question about Good News was good enough to take the Best TT today.Kyle’s evaluation of John was the Best Evaluator.


Phil stepped up as our Toastmaster today with a little help from others. Mike returned as a guest today and is interested. Chris was our first speaker as he talked about “Creating the Best Club Climate at Wallmasters”. Our nest speaker was Dennis as he told us a story. Chris’ delivery was award winning with him taking home the Best Speaker award. Table Topics was lead by Loren. Loren tested us out as animals. Brenda’s imitation of being Billy Goat Gruff was deemed the winner this morning. Best Evaluator went to John B. as our Grammarian.

Brenda P. was our Toastmistress today. Mike P. was Justin’s guest. Jaye began the speeches with “Why Diets don’t Work” and detailed some failures and success’s. Next was Phyllis, stepping in for Dan, presenting material for us to think about. Our final speaker was Justin as he shared “Camping” and kept us laughing. Justin had us at the first stake and took hone the Best Speaker award.
Table Topics was lead by Max which Rodger did best and picked up the Best Table Topics award Best evaluator today went to Dr. Don for his evaluation of Jaye.

Max took over as TM. No guests this morning. Jill stepped out as our first speaker with “Let’s Get Personal” as she shared a little of her personal life as a younger adult. Next was Loren with “Train your Dog” where he gave us some very useful tips in training our dogs. Seemed like it could work with kids too. Last was Randy with “Edification” to share some great reasons why edifying others was a good thing.

Jill’s early life seemed to catch our attention as she went home with the Best Speaker award. Kyle took home the Best Table Topics with his rendition of how to handle pink uniforms for his football team. Megan picked up the Best Evaluator as our Grammarian this morning.

Randy  was our TM this morning. Kyle started us off with “I’m on the Juice”  and made us laugh profusely. Next was Paul with “Happy Father’s Day” where  he reminded us of day and called a few of us “You spoiled little brat”. Last was Mike S. with “Life in Reverse” as he gave us his farewell speech as he leaves for Il. Mike was the Best Speaker of the day. Cleon was the Table Topics master and pulled questions from the air for us. Bob P. was the Best Table Topics with the new wine innovation of wine in a pouch. Don F. walked away with the Best Evaluator award for his job of GE.

What a fun morning, we started by changing locations at the last minute and went to Bob’s office. Bob was our TM this morning and did a fine modeling of what a TM should and can do. First speaker was the Flash Mon woman Suzanne as she shared “Flash mob”. Next up was Ulrike talking about”How to win friends and influence people”. Max wrapped up the speeches with another learning experience for Max with “What I remember”. Ulrike snapped up a win this morning as Best Speaker. Rodger handled Table Topics and pushed our envelopes. Paul’s answer to “Walking the Dog” Yo-Yo trick claimed another victory for him. Your Best Evaluator went to Cleon as the GE.

Dora was a our guest this morning. Justin performed his first role as Toastmaster. Randy was our first speaker talking about “Color your world”. Next was Megan as she shared “Celebrate your life”. Third was Cleon delivering “Change, your future counts on it” Cleon went home with Best Speaker because of change. Table Topics were done by Dennis with the theme of “Coins” Dora picked up Best Table Topics with her reply to the coin from Maine. Best Evaluator went to mark for his evaluations of the Table topics participants.